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Computers today can do amazing things; you can meet people across the world, trade photos with friends, enjoy live streaming video, and read thousands of websites all with the click of a button. Sometimes, however, our computers need a little help to stay as useful to us as they should be.

That's where AskF1 Computer Services can help you. We can diagnose and fix problems with your computer -- everything from strange smells to annoying popup windows and performance slowdowns. Studies show that your computer probably has software put on it without your permission. These programs can enable unscrupulous companies and scammers to steal your private information, bombard you with advertisements, and eat up your computer's finite resources, resulting in a frustrating mess.

AskF1 is not trying to push some new all-in-one wonder program that cures everything; we're just friendly people who will clean up problems on your computer and help you avoid future problems. You can see all we can do for you on the left side of this page.

Don't have a computer yet or are you looking for a new one? AskF1 will help you find the right computer for your needs and budget so that you don't spend an unnecessary amount of your hard-earned money. If we can't find a match for you in existing computers, we'll customize one to fit your needs.

Do you need a basic system to keep in touch with family, friends, and current events? We can build you one for under $600 dollars, or help you find great deals on existing computer systems from top-notch companies like Dell!

Do you need a high-end gaming machine, but don't have thousands of dollars? We'll build you the best gaming machine that your budget can afford! What the hotrod gaming computer manufacturers don't tell you is that it's not really necessary to spend $3,000 on a brand-new, flashy computer for basic gaming. AskF1 can meet your gaming needs much more flexibly, for less -- and with added customizability!
Want to upgrade your existing computer or add new functionality to it? AskF1 can recommend hardware and help with installation of everything from RAM or hard drive upgrades to TV tuner cards to graphic card boosts and more. We can even help you select an upgrade or set of upgrades that will maximize the life of your older computer -- even systems over 4 years old!
So, what are you waiting for? Click a link on the left and see what AskF1 Computer Services can do for you!