AskF1 Computer Services
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Need a computer -- for you?
The big computer vendors all have one thing in common: All the computers they create are nearly the same. That one computer may not be right for you.

At AskF1 Computer Services, we'll work with you to create the computer that's right for you. Our experts can compile a system to meet your exact needs. From power gamers looking for bleeding-edge computer technology to people who just want to check their e-mail, browse the Web, or talk online without breaking the bank, AskF1 can build a system that suits you.

We stand behind our products. We'll provide you with free, unlimited phone or remote access tech support for 90 days after your investment, and discounted technical support remote assistance or house calls for the life of the computer. Additionally, if you're not happy with your setup, we'll reconfigure it for the cost of new items only.

Give our staff a call today to see what we can do for your computing needs!