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The biggest threat to your computer is not a spilled coffee or a boisterous four-year-old; spyware and viruses can slow your computer to an intolerable or unusable state, wasting your expensive machine.

What is spyware? How do you get a virus?
Spyware are programs that deceptively install themselves usually to steal your personal information or present you regularly with popup advertising. They often hijack your Web searches or mistyped URL addresses and send you to an advertisement-filled wasteland. They can become installed by exploiting holes in Internet Explorer, presenting you with unexpected dialog boxes, or tricking you by posing as perfectly legitimate programs.

A computer virus is a malicious, self-replicating program that infects your computer and does whatever its author wants it. This can include crashing your computer, destroying or stealing data, or using your computer behind your back to hurt other computers. AskF1's staff employs the latest in virus detection and removal technologies to disinfect and repair your computer without destroying your data or documents.

Your computer can become infected by a virus in many ways. The first, most common way is a "worm" (a type of virus) that copies itself to your computer by finding holes in your computer's software. Other viruses disguise themselves as email attachments or screensaver downloads in order to trick you.

But there is hope! AskF1 Computer services can remove any malicious programs that are already on your computer, install software to prevent future infections, and most importantly, show you what you can do to keep your computer running like new in just a few minutes!

Please see our computer tune-up page for pricing information. If you want to learn more, including how to remove them, feel free to visit wikipedia's articles about spyware and viruses.