AskF1 Computer Services
Quality Service at Quality Prices
Computers shouldn't have to be frustrating and annoying.
When you own a car, most of the time you can just hop in, turn the key, and go where you want to; once in a while something can break or there can be funny smells or noises. Computers, like cars, can also develop quirks, problems, or stop working altogether, and that's where AskF1 Computer Services can help you!

Our technicians can identify and fix problems with your system either at its location, or dropped off and fixed overnight. We will tell you what went wrong, how we fixed it, and what you can do to avoid problems in the future.

In addition to fixing specific problems, the AskF1 staff can:
• Improve your computer's performance

• Improve start-up times

• Remove Spyware*

• Remove Viruses*

• Recommend hardware or software upgrades for older systems

Furthermore, the AskF1 staff can install and show you how to use free software such as:
• The Firefox internet browser that isn't prone to spyware and blocks popups

• The Thunderbird email client that filters spam and can stop some viruses

• The free Avast Antivirus software to keep your computer clean of viruses

• SpyBot - Search and Destroy and Lavasoft's Ad-Aware to keep your computer clean of spyware!

* visit our service page about removing spyware and viruses.

Our pricing for these services are as follows:
• House Calls (going to a computer's location) have a base fee of $18. Then there is an $18 per hour fee, for a minimum of one hour. After the first hour, payment is billed by half-hour of work.

• Overnight Repairs (Dropping off a computer to be fixed) have a flat-fee of $60.

note: we will still show you how to use any newly-installed software if you desire, this is included in the price of overnight repair.