AskF1 Computer Services
Quality Service at Quality Prices
Is it time to add a little pep to that ancient history?

AskF1 is all about value. Three or four years ago, you made a major investment in a new computer system. Now it's not quite up to par, but you don't want to pay for a whole new computer -- this one works just fine.

We understand. AskF1 Computer Services won't try to sell you anything more than you need. We can take your computer specification and recommend the exact parts you need to give it a little more pep. Oftentimes a simple $60 upgrade coupled with a good clean-up will breathe years of new life into an aging computer.

Most modern-day tasks, such as checking your e-mail or browsing the Web, don't require anywhere near the full processing power of a new system. Why pay for capacity you won't ever use? We'll give you a straight answer as to whether or not upgrading your computer is viable, and then tell you what it'll cost to upgrade, no strings attached. If you like our suggestions, we can even perform any necessary installation as well.

So what are you waiting for? Tell us what we can do for you!